1. jan, 2018

Thank you Panalitix

I went to Australia 4 years ago. I met Rob Nixon and Colin Dunn of Panalitix. During the 2 days seminar I learned more than 20 years permanent education in Holland! They teached me how to run a succesful accounting firm. Their approach was a complete revolution. I learned a new business model based on value pricing and advisory services. Measuring leads, conversion & retention rate, client acquisition costs (CAC), average hourly rate (AHR),  number of transactions and project value etc. Marketing and sales skills has been developed. And the result was great! After years of financial hybernation I realised a yearly 10% growth and I gained 145% extra revenue in 4 years! I realised also one of the highested AHR of the SME accountancy industry! This new method was also awarded with Dutch national accountancy award in 2015, and two nominations for the Exact cloud award. All credits to Rob and Panalitix. I can highly recommend all accountants to do a make over like I did. You can start by reading Rob’s book The perfect firm. This book is available in my webshop. And hopefully Rob will visit the Benelux in the future. Thank you Rob and Colin for everything I learned from you.